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Charles Luce learned to bake when he was four, but never took his knowledge seriously until celiac disease struck him in 2002.

Within days of going on a gluten-free diet he realized that if he was going to enjoy this new life, he'd have to make his own baked goods - such was the state of commercial GF products.

Calling on his long-dormant skills - as well as new ones gained by a lifetime in the visual arts - he set out to make excellent gluten-free food. Soon he came to the last frontier: bread. Every commercial version was inferior, and the recipes in cookbooks weren't much better. Adding to the frustration was the fact that American wheat breads had improved so much in the previous decade.

What Charles wanted was simple: excellent, rustic bread with no additives or enrichments. Of course, making it was not so simple. It took 7 years of experimenting, but finally he got there with a bread he came to call Classic Sourdough. Expanding on the basics of this formula he soon had many flavors.

Still, he wasn't satisfied. Small, local bakeries make great products, but shipping a bread degrades it. Even though his breads did not go stale for 5 days or more, they couldn't be perfect if they lingered in a truck, a freezer, or on a store shelf. Charles felt that great bread is everyone's birthright. So he took what he'd learned several steps further and devised ways of simulating artisan bakeshop oven techniques in a simple paper bag.

In May of 2010, Charles met TJ Fontenette and his wife Vanette. After tasting Charles' bread, TJ convinced him it should become available to everyone. Together they formed GF Creations LLC to produce Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread.

Today, Luce's complete artisan bread mixes have put Great Bread in Everyone's home. With simple kitchen tools and the smallest, clunkiest oven, anyone can have great gluten-free bread.

Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread mixes were launched to the public on October 13, 2012 at the GlutenFreeLivingNow Expo in Carmel, Indiana.