Bakery and Packaging Updates
Bakery and Packaging Updates Photo

Our New Jersey bakery is open Saturdays 11 AM to 3 PM, selling bagels, loaf breads and mixes.

We have instituted major changes in our packaging and product availability. Please see below for details.

Please note: Winter Spice is finished for the year.

Our mixes are now available only in simple, just-flour bags, each containing about 2 1/2 pounds of flour blend. Each bag includes instructions for a new technique, called EZ Bake. Links - available on every product page - to our recipe pages will lead to instructions for other ways to bake, including bread-in-a-bag.

By eliminating colorful packaging and the accessories within, we can offer the same great flavors for a fraction of the previous price.

This simpler packaging offers you more opportunity to personalize your baking. You're no longer restricted to a single loaf size or shape. You can make larger or smaller breads, or buns, or dinner rolls. Create baguettes. Shape boules or bread sticks. Let your creativity run free.

For some easy suggestions, see our newly-enhanced recipe page. ( .

With the change in packaging we're also streamlined the number of mixes offered, cutting back to New Italian, Classic Sourdough, OMG EZ-Pizza, and one "Seasonal" blend.

For those of you prefer baking in a bag we'll continue selling 5-packs of baking bags. There's links for baking bags and full-size parchment sheet on each product page.

If you have questions, please check the FAQs directly below. If you can't find your answer there, reach out to us by email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our new packaging.

What is NOT included with your packaging now?

Our new packaging does NOT include dusting flour, a baking bag, a support sheet, or an instruction sheet. It's also not a colorful printed bag.

How does the EZ Bake method work?

Add water to flour, stir, shape, lightly brush with vegetable oil, and bake, starting in a cold oven. Check out full instructions HERE (

What's different about the flour blends?

Nothing! All that's changed is the packaging. What's truly unique is that we've discovered how to bake a great loaf of bread without the fuss of bagging and letting the loaf rise.

But I like bread-in-a-bag!

No problem. You can still use baking bags with any of our loaf blends. You can buy baking bags HERE ( and parchment sheets HERE ( .

I have a little flour left over. Did I do something wrong?

Nope - we package a bit more than is absolutely needed to compensate for variations in measuring cups from one kitchen to another. You can save the flour and use with your next purchase or do something creative, such as using it as a gravy thickener or to dust chicken or fish.

My loaf has a cave in the center. What happened?

This sometimes occurs when dough rises too quickly in the oven. Since all ovens are different it's difficult to predict which one will, and which one won't, cause caves. The best solution is to use less water when making the dough: reduce the water to one cup, then let the loaves rest for an additional 10 minutes before putting them into the oven.

Does it matter what vegetable oil I use?

Not really, as long as the one you choose does not impart an "off" flavor. It's wise to avoid oils with low smoke points, such as extra virgin olive oil or butter.

Can I mix two or more different flour blends to create a unique flavor?


Can I make a really large loaf? 32 ounces or bigger?

Yes, if you make it long and not-too-thick. A spherical loaf of that size might not bake properly.