New Italian Mix

Inspired by European wood-fired bakeries, New Italian bread mix makes a loaf of delightfully flavorful, mild, cracker-thin-crust and very-open-crumb artisan bread. This is the best, easiest, and most economical, gluten-free Italian Bread mix you can find. 44 ounces of our top-selling blend in a re-sealable, plastic-lined bag, complete with EZ Bake instructions. Make five, family-sized loaves of bread for about $4.59 each.

New Italian is the perfect tear-it-apart-with-soup bread.

Designed to work wonderfully by simply adding water, this mix also responds well to enrichments. For example, adding clarified butter (Ghee) to the dough creates an ideal soft sandwich loaf or burger bun. (That’s what we do to make Butter Bliss loaves and buns in our New Jersey bakery.)

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Note: Contains GF oats and some sugar.

NOTE: Individual-loaf packages are no longer available.

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Just Baking Bags - five baking bags
Full Parchment sheets - five, full tray (17" X 23 ") re-useable parchment sheets

Price: $22.95

Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, vegan. No added fats. No added nut or peanut flour.

Manufactured on equipment shared with dairy and sesame seeds.

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