OMG Perfect Pizza Mix

The best, easiest, and most economical, gluten-free pizza mix you can find. 42 ounces of lusciously savory blend in a re-sealable, plastic-lined bag, complete with EZ Pizza instructions. All the flour you need to make five gourmet, family-sized pies for about $4.25 each.

OMG Perfect Pizza mix makes a puffy, rich-tasting, slightly garlicy flatbread with a crisp crust and soft interior. Originally developed for a celiac soldier who needed a bread mix that could be prepared in primitive conditions, OMG has shown itself to be the most versatile mix we manufacture. In our New Jersey bakery we use it for bagels as well as thin-crust pizza - and you can too! Just check out our recipe page: Click HERE for our recipe index.

There's more: You can add too much or too little water to OMG dough and still have great bread, which makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoors activities. You can guess at portions and still get it right. Imagine: real (and gluten-free!!) flatbreads at your next tailgating party!

NOTE: Individual packages of OMG Flatbread mix are no longer available..

Need baker's parchment? Click the link below.
Full Parchment sheets - five, full tray (17" X 23 ") re-useable parchment sheets

Price: $18.95

Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, soy-free. Vegan. No added oils.
Manufactured in a facility where dairy and sesame seeds are present.
Does contain garlic.

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