Perfection All-Purpose

What do you want to bake today? With Perfection All-Purpose, the sky is your limit. From the simplest sugar cookie to elaborate puff pastries, Perfection does the job - and does it better.

Perfection All-Purpose is a measure-for-measure substitute for wheat flour. Much more flavorful than other one-for-one gluten-free flours, Perfection is the best-tasting gluten-free pastry flour you can find - and it shines in savory recipes too (our testers love it for pasta!).

To use, simply look up a wheat flour recipe and use Perfection instead. All other ingredients remain as stated in the recipe.


Perfection is a self-rising flour. It contains a small amount of yeast and some baking soda. Some wheat-flour recipes recommend against self rising flours - in this case, Perfection should not be used.
If the recipe calls for yeasted dough, you will not need to let your baked goods rise more than once. Kneading and punch-down are also unnecessary.
Perfection All-Purpose is not a substitute for other gluten-free flour mixes.
Perfection is manufactured in a facility where dairy and sesame seeds are used.

Price: $14.75

Made in a facility that processes dairy and sesame seed.

Free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts.

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