Our Products

Luce's is your source for the world's easiest and best-tasting gluten-free bread mixes. We also create a richly flavorful, and dairy-free, all-purpose gluten-free flour blend, plus a terrific pancake mix.

Every package of Luce's bread or pizza mix is complete. All you need to add is water. There's nothing extra to buy - you don't even need a bread pan. Economic packaging includes EZ-Bake instructions, or you can link to our recipe pages for a range of baking methods. You can also purchase baking bags and baker's parchment through links on every product page.

Our Perfection all-purpose blend is a one-for-one substitute for wheat flour in most sweet or savory recipes. It is the best tasting GF one-for-one on the market, yet contains no dairy. Use it for everything from lasagna to cookies to puff pastry.

Our Mile High Pancake mix is extraordinary. It's great tasting, works well with a wide range of liquids (buttermilk, skim milk, non-dairy milk), oils (coconut, butter, canola), and eggs or egg substitutes (applesauce, mashed banana). Plus the batter stays fresh and rises high up to 5 days after mixing, if refrigerated.

NOTE: Due to production limitations, not all products are available at all times. Click the red banner on our home page to determine availability.