The best, easiest, and most economical, gluten-free "Rye" bread mix you can find. 48 ounces of our dark and fragrant blend in a re-sealable, plastic-lined bag, complete with EZ Bake instructions. Enough flour to make five, family-sized loaves for about $4.79 each.

Our take on the Eastern European classic, this mix makes a dark, spicy and very authentic-tasting "Rye" with a crisp, dark crust and open, soft, walnut-brown interior crumb. The mix is a blend of sorghum and teff flours, brightened with spices and gluten-free rye flavoring powder. The name comes from a REALLY intense flavor, which is "Rye" in name alone - there's not a speck of glutinous rye flour.

We love REALLY "Rye" with soup, pickles, smoked meats and strong cheeses.

Can be used in many recipes. Click HERE for our recipe index.

NOTE: Individual-loaf packages are no longer available.

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Just Baking Bags - five baking bags
Full Parchment sheets - five, full tray (17" X 23 ") re-useable parchment sheets

Price: $23.95

Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, soy-free. Vegan. No added fats.
Manufactured in a facility where dairy and sesame seeds are present.

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