What we do

At Luce’s Gluten-Free Artisan Bread, we have simple goals: Baking top-class breads and blending the world’s tastiest and easiest bread and pancake mixes.

A loaf of Luce's tastes great. You can buy one or make one. Choose the latter and discover the fun of bread making. A bit of water, an oven, some time, and - bingo! - you've got it! Best of all, everyone in your family will love it - not just celiac or allergy sufferers.

Our products are inspired by bread artisans the world around. We make flour blends that achieve extraordinary quality - crisp crust, moist open crumb, deep and rich flavors, and very slow staling - but without gluten or other top allergens. Our innovative packaging lets you make these great loaves in the comfort of home.

When you buy a package of Luce’s, you get a pre-measured and ready-to-use container of flour, a unique baking bag (which helps assure a tasty-toothsome crust), a non-stick support sheet, dusting flour to make the loaf pretty, and full instructions. Everything is there. All you need is a bowl, a spoon, a single measuring cup, water and an oven. Buy more ingredients? Nope. Kneading? Not necessary. Waiting for the dough to rise? That’s not necessary either (although you can if you wish).

Live in the NYC/NJ metro area and don't want to bake your own? Pay a visit to my Berkeley Heights bakeshop. We make crusty baguettes, soft sandwich loaves, burger buns and the best bagels you'll find this side of the Hudson.

We also carry the accessories, and publish the information, to make your own unique creations, such as biscuits, crackers and pizza. Recipes? check. here or here.

There's more. All our mixes are made, assembled and packaged in a dedicated gluten-free facility. We're a fully licensed food establishment, in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations - including FDA rules governing gluten free labeling. Our commitment is to hand-crafted food. Real people - not machines - make small batches. Right here in the USA.

Please note: We do use dairy and sesame seeds in our factory.

If you're a professional baker, caterer or chef, we can help you too. Your customers want gluten-free and great taste, and you want your kitchen to run smoothly. Our product line is easy to use and cost effective. We're happy to work with you for a solution that benefits everyone. And, yes, we make 1-for-1 wheat flour substitutes. Email us at BreadshopNJ@gmail.com.

Artisan bread has been the holy grail of gluten-free bakers for decades. Luce’s has attained it. And now so can you.

Thank you for shopping at my on-line store.

Charles Luce

PS: Live in the European Union? You can order from our London partner: http://www.ranasbakery.com/

Charles Luce with many loaves of gluten-free artisan bread